Team South Africa at International Biology Olympiad (IBO)

Team South Africa at International Biology Olympiad (IBO)

Team South Africa participated in the 30th IBO in Szeged (Hungary).
1. Team arrived in Budapest (Hungary) on 12 July 2019 – stayed at K9 in City centre for 2 nights – Visited all the places of interest. It was a fascinating and exciting trip.
2. IBO started in Szeged on 14 July – Opening ceremony
3. Team members:
John Leonard Muller ( HS Wilgiesrivier – FS)
Ivan Baraka Masinde ( CBC Bloemfontein FS)
Adriel Raphael Nepaul Star College Durban – KZN)
Vahini Jessica Moodley (Crossmoor Secondary – KZN)
Robin Naidoo (Team Leader)
4. Students wrote 3 x 3 hour exams in Practicals and Theory
5. Today (20 July) there will be a closing ceremony
6. The team returned to SA on Monday 22 July 2019.

It has been a great experience for the whole team and 76 countries participated in this competition. It is a Senior competition for High School students who are in Grade 12 – these students will go onto to study at the University next year.

Vahini was born in Japan and lived there for 10 years before returning to South Africa. So she was able to speak Japanese fluently with the current IBO President Ryoichi Matsuda from Japan. The 2020 IBO is scheduled to take place in Nagasaki (Japan). A lot depends on the current coronavirus outbreak (pandemic) and whether it would be controlled. It would be disappointing for the new team if this is cancelled.

JOHN LEONARD MULLER from Hoerskool Wilgiesrivier (Free State) won a bronze medal at the 30th IBO held in Szeged (Hungary)in 2019. He also excelled in the 2019 National Senior Certificate Exams.

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