SASO 2021 Invitation and entry forms

SASO 2021 Invitation and entry forms

The Principal/HOD/Science Teacher

We thank you particpating in the last few years in the South African Science Olympiads (National Science Olympiads).

The year 2020 was a difficult year for many of us and we know that it is important for us to make every effort to be optimistic that it would be a better year. I believe that we should make every effort to normalise our lives and also enter our learners in the Science Olympiad competitions.

NATURAL SCIENCES: GRADES 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9.

Please note that the grades are not combined. Each grade will hae a separate paper as per the CAPS document. The students have a great opportunity to represent South Africa at the International Olympiads if selected.

You are also reminded that only students writing these Olympiads can represent South Africa. SASO is the only officially recognised set of Science Olympiads at FOUR International Olympiads – Junior Science Physics Chemistry and Biology.

The National Science Olympiad Committee invites your school/students to participate in the 25th SOUTH AFRICAN SCIENCE OLYMPIADS IN NATURAL, LIFE & PHYSICAL SCIENCES IN AUGUST 2021. Please download the Invitation Letter (has more information) and Entry forms (sent in word format so that you can type in the names and details).


DATE OF CONTEST: Tuesday 03 AUGUST 2021 (Natural Science + Life Science)
DATE OF CONTEST: Thursday 05 AUGUST 2021 (Physical Science)
Closing Date for Entries: 31 MAY 2021

ENTRY FEE: R 15(25+ entries); R 20 (10 to 24 entries) & R 25 (<10) PER CANDIDATE (up to 31 May 2021). LATE ENTRIES PAY R30 PER CANDIDATE FROM 1 June TO 30 June 2021. These SCIENCE OLYMPIADS for Grades 4 to 11 are recognised at Provincial, National, DBE, DST and International levels. Participants in competitions of this nature may be recognised and credited by certain tertiary institutions and bursars, with winners sometimes qualifying for additional points and fee discounts. Olympiad participants are generally viewed favourably by companies because of the recognition of their creative talents and intellect. INTERNATIONAL REPRESENTATION The top students may be SHORT-LISTED and invited to write selection exams to represent South Africa at 1 of 4 Internationals. Selected students also receive training in Theory and Practicals from specialist Science Lecturers and Teachers before the events. Students and Teachers will also be invited to join our webinars for theory and Practical Tuition. South African Teams will participate in the following Internationals in 2021. 1. Physics (Gr 11/12- in Lithuania in July 2021. 2. Biology (Gr 11/12) in Lisbon in July 2021. 3. Chemistry Gr 11/12) in Osaka (Japan) in July 2021. 4. Natural Science (U16) – in Dubai (UAE) from 2-11 December 2021 We look forward to your participation. Please send an email to reuest a copy of the full invitattion and entry forrm for 2021. Send to ROBIN N. (CO-ORDINATOR – SA SCIENCE OLYMPIADS) 0832677055 Ex- Educator/Lecturer/HOD/Subject Advisor/Author EX IJSO African Vice-President / SA IBO Leader / SA IJSO Leader SA International Liaison/Co-ordinator for IBO / ICHO / IPHO / IJSO

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