SAASTE is an acronym for the South African Association of Science and Technology Educators. This is a professional body representing all the Educators of the Sciences (Natural, Physical and Life) and Technology learning areas throughout South Africa.

SAASTE has braches in each of the provinces. Provincial executive committees organise activities for educators in their respective provinces. These include workshops for Educators on various curriculum, teaching and learning topics.

Every two years, provinces take turns to organise SAASTE activities for the whole country. This includes a biennial AGM and major conference.

SAASTE-KZN, is a partner with the Olympiads organising committee in co-ordinating and administering Science Olympiads for Natural Sciences (Grades 4 to 9) and Life Sciences (Grades 10 & 11). These Olympiads are organised for all learners throughout the country. These Olympiads are now in their 12 th year.

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