2012 Olympiad - Practice Round Natural Sciences, Life Sciences and Physical Sciences Papers

Practice Round for 2012

1. Download papers and answer sheets.

2. Make copies of papers and answer sheets

3. Save paper by re-using question papers in different classes.

4. Mark papers in your schools

5. Look at website for answers after 20 March 2012.

6. Do not forget to enter students in Final Rounds on 4 and 6 September 2012


2012_grade_4_rev_paper_ns.pdf499.63 KB
2012_grade_5_rev_paper_ns.pdf231.62 KB
2012_grade_6_rev_paper_ns.pdf374.69 KB
2012_grade_7_rev_paper_ns.pdf111.56 KB
2012_grade_8_rev_paper_ns.pdf511.38 KB
2012_grade_9_rev_paper_ns.pdf181.87 KB
answer_sheet-first_round_2012.pdf14.87 KB
2012_grade_10_rev_paper_life_sc.pdf508.81 KB
2012_grade_11_rev_paper_life_sc.pdf980.74 KB
answer_sheet-first_round_2012.pdf14.87 KB
2012_grade_10_rev_paper_phy_sc.pdf93.85 KB
2012_grade_11_rev_paper_phy_sc.pdf141.66 KB
answer_sheet-first_round_2012.pdf14.87 KB
nso_answers_2012__revision_papers.pdf30.51 KB

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