Olympiad Results and Post Office strike

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Teachers and Principals: Strike by post office

Please note that the recent post office strike caused huge problems for the National Science Olympiad. Therefore:

1. There was a delay in sending out your papers by registered mail. Consequently most of our mail was sent out by Courier and some by email. We trust that all of the schools registered have written the examinations. There were still about 115 packages that were sent via registered mail.

2. We expected you to return your answers by registered mail to us. However, at this stage we still have not reveived any registered mail from the post office. Apparently, though the strike is/was over from 9 September, they have a backlog which will take time to sort out. We are not sure how long.

3. If we do not receive the answers back timeously, there may be a delay in the processing and return of the results. If this occurs, we are not sure if it would be possible to have an awards function this year. A decision on this willl be taken in October and we will let the awardees know.

4. Please use your tracking number to let us know where your post is. Call and check. Also send us an email with your tracking number (s).

5. We will stay positive and hope that we can expedite marking so that we could remain on track for the succesful completion of our Olympiads.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused. We trust that you understand that we did our best under the circumstances. It is disappointing to us and we do hope that you will not let this affect your continued aprticipation in the Olympiads.

We plan to use the courier service next year to send papers to centres for collection by you. Centres would be set up in Cape Town, East London, Port Elizabeth, Johannesburg and Pretoria. There are centres in KwaZulu-Natal and we would continue to use these.

Our thanks to all the Administration Staff, Teachers of Science, Heads of Departments, Deputy Principals and Principals for their admnistartive work to ensure the success of the Olympiads.

Robin Naidoo - Co-ordinator


2014 International Competitions

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2014 International Biology Olympiad

Venue: Bali (Indonesia)

Date: July 2014


2014 International Physics Olympiad

Venue: Khazakstan

Date: July 2014

2014 International Junior Science Olympiad

Venue: Mendoza (Argentina)

Date: 3 to 12 December


2013 International Competitions

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International Junior Science Olympiad

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The 8th IJSO was concluded successfully in Durban from 1 to 10 Decemeber 2011.

South Africa excelled by being placed 19th Overall after winning FIVE bronze medals. This is a fantastic achievement and all credit must go to our hard-working students and Tutors.

The Attachments show the South African Team and the IJSO Overall Results.


ijso__final_country_ranking_and_medal_table_2011_in_durban.pdf73.42 KB
ijso_2011_sa_team_final.pdf13.42 KB

Olympiad Participation at International Level

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National Science Olympiads co-ordinates the South African Olympiads in:

1. Natural Sciences (Grades 4 to 9)

2. Life Sciences (Grades 10 and 11)

3. Physical Sciences (Grades 10 and 11)

Over the last six years, our most successful Under 16s have participated in the International Junior Science Olympiads (IJSO):

3.1 South Korea in 2008 - Sereshan Pillay (Crawford College - North Coast) won a bronze medal

3.2 Azerbaijan (Baku) in 2009 - Suhail Dada (Maritzburg College) won a bronze medal

3.3 Nigeria (Abuja) in 2010 - James Young (Westville Boys) and Imraan Khan (Crawford College North Coast) won bronze medals.

3.4 South Africa (Durban) in 2011 - five students won bronze medals.

2011 has been our most successful year yet. We also achieved 19th place overall out of 40 countries. This is a major improvement in our International rankig in the Science Olympiads. We are proud that Imraan Khan (Crawford College -North Coast) and FOUR Star College (Westville - KZN) students Divyan Moodley, Serayen Govender, Muhammed Suleman and Thiolan Naidoo have excelled at the International event. Mohamad Imraan Khan has excelled over the last two years and was unlucky not to get a silver medal this time round.

In 2012, we participated in 3 International Events:

1. July 2012 - in Estonia as particiapants (5 students + 2 Teachers) in the International Physics Olympiad.

2. July 2012 - in Singapore as participants (4 students + 2 teachers) in the International Biology Olympiad.

3. December 2012 - in Iran as participants (6 students + 3 teachers) in the 9th International Junior Science Olympiad. Shivanan Pillay won a bronze medal at this event.

In 2013, we also participated in three events as shown below:

IPHO in Copenhagen (Denmark), IBO in Bern (Switzerland) and IJSO in Pune (India).

Daverin Nadesan won a Bronze medal for his outstanding results in India.

In 2014, we have participated in the IPHO in (Astana) Kazakhstan and IBO in Bali (Indonesia).

Congratulations to these students, their teachers and parents for theseoutstanding achievements.

In December 2014, we will travel with a Junior team to the International Junior Science Olympiad in Mendoza (Argentina) for the 11th IJSO event. We will attend with 6 students (u16) and 3 leaders.

Please watch this space for more announcements.

8th IJSO in Durban - SA Team

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South African Junior Science Team 2011

south_african_junior_science_team__details.pdf87.59 KB

Visit by IJSO president

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The President of the IJSO, Professor Masno Ginting from Indonesia, will visit Durban (South Africa) from 25 June to 1 July 2011. He will be accompanied by two vice-presidents, Dr Paraic James and Dr Michael Cotter (from Ireland).

They will spend 6 days in Durban to visit all the venues and facilities that would be used when Durban hosts the 8th International Junior Science Olympiad from 1 to 10 December 2011.

The event will be attended by over 50 countries and will be jointly hosted by National Science Olympiads, Department of Science and Technology and the City of Durban. Over 300 Under 16 year-old science boffins will compete in the International Science Olympiads in three exams to be held at UKZN (Westville campus).

The Executive committee of the IJSO will meet with Robin Naidoo (LOC Chair - Organiser) and Ronel Mitchell (Deputy LOC Chair) and Magash Naidoo (Logistics Manager). 

South Africa will select 12 students for this event - this will be done after the South AfricanOlympiads that will be held on 6-8 September 2011. Details for participation are on the website.

We wish Professor Ginting, Dr Paraic James and Dr Michael Cotter all the best for a wonderful experience in Durban.

7th IJSO in ABUJA - Robin Naidoo

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I was in Abuja, Nigeria with a team of 6 students and 3 leaders. We were hosted by the Ministry of Science and Technology at a luxury venue since Tuesday 1 Dec 2010. The event ends on 10 Dec 2010. We returned on 12 Dec 2010.

The event was well run with many interesting happenings: discussions, meetings, tests, excursions, science lectures/talks.

All of us were fine, in good health and enjoyed the experience in a fast developing City, called Abuja. It has many large and attractive buildings and could one day develop into one of the top cities in Africa.

In 2011, South Africa hosted this event - the 8th International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO 2011) in Durban from 1 to 10 December. The then President of the IJSO, Professor Masno Ginting, visited Durban for the state of readiness visit in June 2011 with two EC members, Dr Paraic James and Dr Michael Cotter. They had an exciting time and remarked that they were looking forward to their stay in Durban.

The 8th IJSO in Durban was a resounding success and the organisers (Robin Naidoo as LOC chair, Ronel Mitchell as the Deputy and Magash Naidoo as the special projects co-ordinator, amongst others in the LOC) were praised by the President and hinted that we deserved a score of 9,75 of 10 for the event.

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