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NATURAL SCIENCES (GR 4 TO 9)                  LIFE SCIENCES OLYMPIADS (GR 10 & 11)            PHYSICAL SCIENCES (GR 10 & 11)



Science Olympiads for all learners are being promoted in keeping with decisions taken at various stakeholder levels, involving the Departments of Education, Science and Technology and Provincial Departments. This initiative falls within discussions encompassing the ‘Youth into Science Strategy’. NATIONAL SCIENCE OLYMPIADS (AND SAASTE-KZN) in association with the DEPARTMENT OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY (DST) have embarked on a very innovative idea to promote the Olympiads to all learners.In an effort to increase participation in the Olympiads, and to give disadvantaged learners an opportunity to experience Olympiad-type questions, we offer a FREE PRACTICE ROUND to a larger number of children in the country.



This round is being offered FREE to all learners in your Province/Region/Circuit/School. There is no charge to the learner. This is offered as a practice or revision round. This offer has been made since 2008 and many schools have used this opportunity to participate.


Your involvement as a Teacher, Department official, Superintendent, circuit Manager, MST co-ordinator or Advisor is to download these papers from the website ( from 10 MARCH 2015 or to get your fellow officials to download these and offer e-copies, sample templates or papers to your schools. Alternatively, you may make copies ON CDs or memory sticks and pass these on to your schools.


You are urged to use this opportunity to experience the Olympiads. Download the papers and answer sheets – then get all the students to write them. You will mark them in the next week when the answers are uploaded to the website. You can use these marks for your continuous assessment.


The website gives all the information necessary to run a successful PRACTICE ROUND. Answers will be posted on the website on the 18 March 2015, so that Educators can assess the work. This could be used as another assessment task/activity (in continuous assessment).

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