Submitted by robin on Mon, 08/01/2016 - 12:02pm

Dear Teacher/Principal/Science HOD

It has come to our attention that some schools have not collected their Exam papers. Plesae note that:

1. Papers were posted by Registered mail (less than 1kg) or Parcel Delivery (or than 1 Kg)

2. You must enquire at your post office - the post office was spposed to send you a collection slip.

3. If you have nor received your papers yet - send me a SMS or an email and I will give you a tracking number.

4. Please treat as urgent as the NS & LS exams are scheduled for TUESDAY 2 AUGUST 2016.

5. The PS exams are scheduled for THURSDAY 4 AUGUST 2016.

6. You can also track your post online via SA Post Office Tracking.


7. Good luck with the exams.

Robin Naidoo



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