2017 Exam Papers posted

Submitted by robin on Mon, 07/24/2017 - 4:54pm

Hi Teachers/HOD/Principal

Please note that the exam papers for 2017 have been posted.

We also send you an SMS or email with your tracking number.

A few schools that entered very late or did not fill any contact details on the form were not sent tracking numbers.

If you do not receive your papers timeously, send us an email and the papers will be sent to you late evening on 31 July 2017 - you can then download, print and administer the exam. Remember to send us your proof of payment with this request also.

You are urged to use the number (RD.... or RC .... or PE .....) and check online on:

South African Post office track and trace on google - do SMS tracking by inserting the number sent to you. Then go to your post office (as per the post code that you put on your paper)

Unfortunately, I am in the UK with the SA IBO team at the International Biology Olympiad and I cannot help you further.

Do not forget that you must administer the exam as early as you can on 1 August 2017 or 3 August 2017 (if your school is also writing PS). The Principal is responsible for the safe-keeping (store in safe) of the papers until it is posted. The final post mark must be 3 August 2017.

Thanks for your participation and wish you luck with administering the exams.




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