IJSO Events

IJSO (International Junior Science olympiad) was set up in 2004 by Prof Masno Ginting in Indonesia. The first two IJSO competitions were thereby held in Jakarta, Indonesia. Prof Ginting is still the current President.

The Olympiad is held for 15 (under16) year-old Natural Science students and takes place over 10 days at a designated venue in countries that have been selected by the IJSO Board. Details of the last two Olympiads and the next two are shown below in the attachment.

Over 50 countries have been participating in the last two olympiads and we expect the same number or more to attend the Durban Ijso in 2011.

Each country attends with 6 competitors and 3 leaders (Science specialists/co-ordinators). Therefore approximately 300+ students and 150+ leaders are present at a competition of this nature. Another 100 organisers and volunteers also assist during this event - about 550 people in all make this a massive undertaking over 10 days.

The competitors, who generally are the top science learners from each of their countries write three tests:

  1. A multiple choice test made up of thirty items (10 each in Biology, Physics and Chemistry) - 30 marks
  2. A theory test made up again of Biology, Chemistry and Physics based on a theme - 30 marks
  3. An experimental examination - 40 marks. For this the 6 students participate as two teams of 3 each - for each country there is a Team A and a Team B.

Download National Science Olympiad Papers